The Nail Boudoir is a studio and exhibition space occupying a former nail salon in the heart of Buxton, Derbyshire. The space is run by artist Nick Charnley who was born in Buxton and later went on to study art and design at various colleges in London.

Whilst still effectively based in London, Nick is currently spending more time in Buxton for family and other reasons. When he chanced upon the recently vacated nail parlour in April 2021 he knew right away that it was effectively tailor-made for his hybrid and somewhat eclectic practice.

In designing the space Nick has used many of the existing features pertaining to its previous function. This is very much inline with his general ethos which involves using resources to hand and also being sensitive to the character and history of a place. By utlising the name also, he is keen to disrupt established notions of space and place. What one might imagine to be contained within an establishment bearing this title therefore is in many ways quite the contrary. Think hammer and nails perhaps more than the manicured variety!

For the first exhibition in the space in July 2021 Nick will be presenting a work entitled 'Take the Water'. This is a reference to 'Taking the Waters', a term associated with visiting a spa in Georgian and Victorian times. In addition to paying homage to the local mineral water the exhibit will also mark the official opening as a public venue. It is hope that following this other artists and designers can be featured and that some kind of funding can be secured longer term to make it a permanent contemporary art and design venue for the town and region.


TAKE THE WATER - Buxton Fringe, 7th - 25th July 2021

Please note:

Due to the intimate nature of this space and the ongoing Covid situation prearranging a visit is advised. While visiting without is possible it runs the risk of having to wait or the venue not being open. Contact details can be found below.

Maximum two adults at one time. Masks are obligatory.




Address - 10b St Ann's Square, Buxton, SK17 6EA